MIT’s brand communicates our impact in the world.

Leverage the brand in your communications to share in the energy and excellence that defines MIT.

Conceptual designs of a black t-shirt that says Massachusetts Institute of Technology in white next to an MIT red hooded sweatshirt with a bright red MIT logo.
Conceptual designs


The MIT logo is recognized around the world. We’ve simplified and modernized it to work more effectively across today’s many communications environments.

Conceptual designs of a sticker, confetti tote bag, and mind and hand button with the MIT logo and branded design elements.
Conceptual designs


With more vibrant core colors and an exciting secondary palette, our brand system embodies MIT’s vitality and dynamism and provides new opportunities for creative expression.

Conceptual design of three event posters that showcase the colors and typography from the MIT brand system.
Conceptual designs


A simplified brand architecture helps us tell our story more clearly and consistently, making it easier to bring the MIT brand to life.

Conceptual design of an MIT Facilities van. The van is shown in MIT red, with a large bright red MIT logo and Massachusetts Institute of Technology in smaller white text.
Conceptual design