Logo Lock-Ups

Using a lock-up that features the MIT logo alongside the full name of the Institute creates a clear connection between our name and our visual identifier.


Lock-ups define the precise positioning, size, and orientation of the Institute’s full name relative to the MIT logo.

A lock-up of the MIT logo and the Institute‘s full name is available in two configurations: three lines and one line. Both lock-ups are designed to ensure the legibility and integrity of the Institute’s name.

If using the Institute’s full name independent of the logo, the name can only appear in Neue Haas Grotesk Medium, which is MIT’s primary typeface.

Thinking about using a logo lock-up? Consider these factors:


Who is your target audience, and what is their familiarity with the MIT brand? Using a lock-up that features the full name of the Institute makes the relationship between the logo and the name clear for audiences who may be less familiar with MIT.


What are the goals or limitations of your application? The standalone logo can be useful when the brand needs to appear bold and impactful. The logo in isolation can also be useful when space is limited.


Where and how will it appear? When it comes to using the MIT logo, context matters. For example, the logo has a very different purpose if being used for campus signage versus appearing in an admissions campaign.

Lock-up colors

Like the MIT logo, lock-ups may appear in any of MIT’s core colors when used in your communications. 

When using a lock-up on a background color, it must appear in either black or white.

There are no restrictions on the use of background colors. If you choose to use colors outside of MIT’s core palette, we recommend using the expanded palette. To maintain legibility, always ensure that the background color provides sufficient contrast with the lock-up. The WebAIM Contrast Checker is a free tool for checking color contrast.


Logo lock-up in the core palette colors

White logo lock-ups on the core palette background colors

MIT logo lock-up on secondary palette colors

Micro lock-up

A micro variation of the one-line lock-up has been optimized for legibility at small sizes. When using both the standard and micro versions of the logo lock-ups, be sure to adhere to this size guide. Note that there is no three-line logo lock-up because the text would be too small to be legible.