We provide a suite of templates that help you leverage the power of the MIT brand by making it part of your communications.

We offer letterhead templates in Microsoft Word and presentation templates in both PowerPoint and Google Slides

Printed letterhead, business cards, and envelopes that use our official Institute designs can be ordered at Fenway Group through Buy2Pay. MIT Copytech also prints business cards with these designs.


Microsoft Word letterhead templates are available in three designs:

  • Parent brand (MIT logo only)
  • Sub-brand (contact mit-brand@mit.edu to request a sub-brand logo)
  • Endorsed brand (DLC logo and the MIT logo)

For each design, two options are available:

  • Individual – Includes your personal information, along with your department’s details
  • Department – Contains your department’s general contact information only

Presentation templates

Presentation templates are available in PowerPoint and Google Slides formats. These templates include the following features:

  • Footer branding options that use the MIT parent brand, sub-brand, and endorsed brand
  • Four color options for the title slide and section dividers
  • Layouts for bulleted lists, columns, pie charts, and photos


Business cards

Business cards are available in several designs:

  • Parent brand (MIT logo only; three options)
  • Sub-brand (contact mit-brand@mit.edu to request a sub-brand logo)
  • Endorsed brand (DLC logo and the MIT logo)

Order business cards at MIT Copytech or at Fenway Group through Buy2Pay.